Descaler for fully automated coffee machines – 4 x 750ml (=3.0L), coffee machines, espresso machines, steam irons, water heaters, natural cleaner with organic acids used universally for Delonghi, Saeco, Tassimo, Senseo, Jura and other brands - Made in Germany The AmbiClean liquid descaler consists of organic acids that are a 100% naturally degradable. In addition, the descaler contains a red colour indicator that indicates whether the full descaling power is still available. Descale your equipment regularly to save energy! Limescale deposits cause electrical applicances to use up to 30% more power! Easy to use and universally used for fully automated coffee machines, coffee machines, espresso machines, steam irons, steam cleaners, water heaters and other equipment. One bottle is enough for 6 decalcifications. Undiluted, use 125ml per decalcification. Pay attention to the descaling instuctions from your manufacturer.

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  • descaler
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