Descaling machine • Hy-Carbon Connect - Descaling via hydrogen injection

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A technological innovation, Hy-Carbon Connect offers new functionality allowing a personalised and even more efficient service. The Hy-Carbon connect machine can diagnose the state of the engine and de-scale it by using hydrogen injection. This innovation helps reduce the risk of breakdowns, reduces pollution and fuel consumption. The Hy-Carbon Connect independently analyses the clogging status of the engine’s sensitive parts, thanks to algorithms developed by FlexFuel®. Following the diagnostic, Hy-Carbon Connect performs custom cleaning and sets sensitive parts in motion throughout the treatment, thereby restoring their original mobility. After the cleaning, Hy-Carbon Connect produces a before & after report for the vehicle, which is sent to the driver. De-scaling is the solution that can reduce fuel consumption by up to 15%, reduce pollutants emissions by 50% and reduce the risk of a breakdown.