SYS TEC electronic offers a ready-to-use reference design of a mobile controller device as base for your own product developments. Using this design package will save you valuable time and efforts to develop and integrate into a market-ready device solution. The MBC-1793 reference design is meant for OEM that plan to develop own mobile controller solutions use in machinery that is operating under harsh conditions. The MBC-1793 electronic design meets the requirements toward electromagnetic interference (EMI) as well as the temperature and mechanical stress that typically occurs in such applications.

Product features

13132900 Design Package MBC-1793
13132910 Design Package Option IEC 61131 OpenPCS
13132920 Production Quality Package
13132930 Design Package Option CANopen Manager C/C++
13132940 Certification Package 2004/108/EC
13139000 Reference and Evaluation System MBC-1793 and HMI-3570
13134000 MBC-1793 Reference Hardware

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