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Design and production of TV studios (Scenery) - Full range of services for the design and production of TV studios


1. DESIGN The ideas development and the preparation of sketches TV studio scenery takes 5-14 days. Previews we prepare in 2D and 3D. 2. MANUFACTURE The development of television studios takes from 5 to 40 days (depending on the complexity of the project). We use metal, wood, plastic glass, textile and other materials. If necessary, you can always observe the process of making sceneries at our workshop. 3. INSTALLATION Our specialists can provide TV equipment and TV sceneries installation at any format and complexity locations. The installation group can move to any city you ask. 4. COST The cost of the creative part (ideas, sketches, 3D), technical (light, camera, monitors) and production (scenery, props) we count separately. 5. QUALITY A professional approach and many years of experience allow us to produce high quality studio decors. Even a close-up, every element of the TV studio will look flawless!