Designer handwoven cross-body bag.

Handwoven rag cross-body bag made of 100% cotton.


Handwoven rag cross-body bag is made of 100% cotton. The size is 27 (height) x33 (width) x 3 cm. The handle lenght is 110 cm (100% cotton). No fastens! Handwoven rag bags are made of cotton and linen fabrics. Firstly the fabric is cut into narrow stripes with the width about 1 cm, and then these stripes are twisted into "ropes" by a special handmade machine. After it our master choosers the colorful stripes and creates the design of the future rag bag. The bag is made on the handloom, which was created and completely built by the owner of our company. The construction of these bags allows them to be used repeatedly for a variety of tasks. Carry your laptop or tablet to the college or to a cafe. Or take them to the local shops or markets, or carry books to the library or take them for walking with your children. These bags can be also used as shoppers or beach bags.They are light in weight and absolutely eco-friendly!

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