Detectors - Metal separators Pulsotronic

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Metal separators Pulsotronic have various equipments to offer depending the raw materials wherein metal particules have to be eliminated in order to preserve the production equipment and avoid costly damages to them. Non obstand avoiding costly damages to the production equipment,the separators avoid long stops in the production process as lost of raw materials. The metal separators of Pulsotronic detect and eliminated magnetic and amagnetic particules of very small size in the raw materials before perturbing the production machinery.A very small part of the contaminate raw materials is eliminated beforhand filling the production machine and without stopping the production process . . Detection sensitivity is depending from different parameters and the choice of the equipment as to be defined togheter with the user who as made the choice to spare inexpected costs in his production. Our specialists are working closely with the producer who wish to built in a separator in his...