This diagnostic tool is the device of choice for professional vehicle repair businesses, car dealerships and also personal use. It´s complex diagnostic software supports serial diagnostics of all control units of cars and trucks. The Troodon supports even complex diagnostic functions, such as control unit configuration, sensors calibration, functions associated with part replacement, service interval reset and many more. It can be connected to your computer using Ethernet cable, USB cable or WiFi. Connection status is indicated by it´s LEDs. The supplied PC program supports all commonly used Windows versions. BASIC CHARACTERISTICS: MULTI-BRAND VEHICLE DIAGNOSTIC SUPPORTS STANDARDS E-OBD, OBD-II, CAN, ISO, SAE BROAD DATABASE OF BOTH CARS AND TRUCKS ERROR CODES READOUT AND ERASING ACTUATORS, MEASURED PARAMETERS CONFIGURATION, IMMOBILISERS SERVICE RESET, FAP CLEANING CONNECTION OVER CABLE OR WIFI DATA LOGGING DURING DRIVING (INDEPENDENTLY ON THE COMPUTER)MULTIBRAND SOFTWARE

  • diagnostic equipment
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