The ECUcore-EP3C Development Kit is a low-cost, high-performance method of evaluating the ALTERA Cyclone EP3C FPGA and ECUcore-EP3C System on Module (SOM). The Kit includes the ECUcore-EP3C, an application carrier board and accessories required to immediately begin development work. The FPGA on the ECUcore-EP3C is preprogrammed with a stand-alone openPOWERLINK demo application running on a NIOS II Soft CPU. Besides the Soft CPU the FPGA configuration includes a seamlessly integrated openMAC, openHUB and the required system peripherals. The demo application achieves a POWERLINK timing of 400 µs cycle time, about 1 µs Poll Response latency and less than 1 µs synchronization jitter.

Product features

KIT-161 Development Kit ECUcore-EP3C ECUcore-EP3C, Development Board ECUcore-EP3C, USB JTAG-programmer for A

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