Development Kit PLCcore-iMX35 CODESYS

System on Modules


The Development Kit PLCcore-iMX35 CODESYS is a high-capacity complete package at a particularly favorable price. Based on a compact PLC with integrated target visualization, it enables the user to develop own custom specific HMI devices. The Kit ensures quick and problem-free commissioning of the PLCcore-iMX35 CODESYS. Therefore, it combines all hard- and software components that are necessary to create own HMI applications: the PLCcore-iMX35 SOM, the corresponding Development Board containing a QVGA LCD Display, I/O periphery and numerous interfaces, the IEC 61131 programming system CODESYS V3 as well as further accessory.

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KIT-171 Development Kit PLCcore-iMX35 CODESYS PLCcore-iMX35 - HMI option, Development Board ECUcore-iMX35, 5

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