LIPP foremost engage with clients to build systems tailored towards their needs. Each tank is custom specified for each application, following a customer consultation – as construction materials, coatings and sealants differ greatly depending upon the stored media. Tank integrity, stability and corrosion resistance are paramount in any LIPP installation – which is achieved through a detailed understanding and advanced construction methods. This means water, aggressive liquids, solids, gaseous media and other substrates are provided for with equal expertise. Performance models and efficiency calculations also provide the customer with an insight into the future performance of their system. In terms of materials, LIPP provides the most appropriate metallic materials solution for each application. The entire spectrum is catered for; from specific purpose graded steels right up to high quality stainless steels.

Tanks, metal
  • Lipp Bands
  • Gaseous Tank
  • Lipp Gaseous

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