Dewatering agent for the product hydrate

Syndis PG01


Syndis PG01 is a mixed reagent based on high-active surfactants that contain no hydrophobic substances of the polysiloxanes and mineral oils type. Designed to activate the capillary flow of liquid in the production hydrate in alumina production. Helps to remove bound moisture. The dewatering agent Syndis PG01 can be dosed both into the pulp supply of the last stage hydrate washing and directly in the drum filters. The consumption of the dewatering agent is 10 - 20 g/m3 of the pulp supply. The dosage is selected individually based on the dosing point and the degree of dilution.

Chemicals - import-export
  • flocculating agents for water treatment
  • industrial chemical products
  • Dewatering agent

Product features

Appearance light yellow liquid
Density, kg/m3 1060
pH 10% water solution, at 20 °C 6,2
Package Steel drum 200 kg IBC 1000 kg

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