Diamond / CBN grinding wheels in resin bond designed for sharpening of cutting tools like: - circular saw blades wheels type of 12A2 - 4A2 - 12A2PRO - 12V9 / SPR - 4V2 - for sharpening cutters and long cutting knives wheels type of 6A2 - 11A2 - for sharpening VHM and HSS tools wheels type of 11V9 - 12V9 - 14A1 - 14F1 - special grinding wheels for tool grinders made to individual order non standard Diamond and CBN grinding wheels for sharpening cutting tools made of HM / VHM cemented carbide, cermets and HSS / HSS-Co high-speed steel on manual sharpeners as well as CNC-controlled grinders. A wide range of resin bonds allows us to offer our customers a variety of qualities for wet and dry grinding applications. The diamond / CBN grinding wheels are also produce according to the individual needs of customers. Application: sharpening and grinding a wide range of carbide and HSS tools on manual and CNC grinders.

Grinding - machine tools
  • diamond-tipped grinding wheels
  • cbn grinding wheels
  • Sharpening

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