Diamond Series LED high temperature bay light 190lm/W - Diamond Series LED high temperature bay light 190lm/W for heavy industry



The Diamond series LED high-temperature bay light is distinguished from ordinary ufo-style high bay lights. It is environmentally friendly, no mercury, no ultraviolet light, energy-saving, high luminous efficiency, long life, dimming, intelligent control, and has a wide range of applications, including retail stores, warehouses, plants, gyms, shops, supermarkets, food processing factory, fresh food shelf, restaurant, workshops, car wash. Using diamond as the standard UFO LED light, its maximum benefit is 150lm/w and 190lm/w to meet the lighting of the plant, warehouse, retail store, gym, and other places. At the same time, the higher the lumen, the higher the brightness, and the total quantity of UFO LED lights in the entire application area will be less. This is undoubtedly saving you money. So what is the designated lighting? First, due to the smooth surface, IP66 & IP69K rating, no exposed screws, no glass material, Diamond LED high bay light can be used for food processing factory