The accuracy of the hardness measurement process and the repeatability of the results depends primarily on the accuracy of the hardness tester. The second important element of the measurement system is the appropriately high quality indenter as an element directly working with the given test material. Our diamond indenters they guarantee high repeatability of measurement and very long use. ⇒ Top quality selected grains of natural diamond in terms of shape and purity ⇒ special stable carbide matrix that holds diamond grain ⇒ application of modern indenter technology ⇒ diamond grain positioning to completely eliminate stress during operation ⇒ Precisely polished diamond surface reduces friction and micro-vibration during operation and directly affects the significant increase in measurement accuracy ⇒ very low level of wear of indenters during use individual order of demanding applications We offer over 100 types of diamond and ball indensers of many types of hardness testers.

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