DiamondShield Coatings

Technical Ceramic Coatings


Morgan Advanced Materials makes Diamondshield® coatings for plastics and polymers used on consumer and portable electronic devices. When applied to plastics via chemical vapour deposition (CVD), this water-clear coating increases surface hardness to that of glass, providing enhanced durability and better abrasion-resistance and wear-resistance. Our Diamondshield® coating is used to make portable electronic devices more robust by strengthening the surface hardness of plastic parts so that they are more resistant to scratching. This increased durability leads to an extended product lifespan; there is less wear on keypads and push buttons and screens maintain better clarity over time, making them easier to read. The transparent coating has a low refraction index and virtually no absorption in the visible wavelengths. Diamondshield® offers: Exceptional transparency Very low refraction index Virtually no absorption of visible light Durability equal to that of bulk glass Unique...

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