Diaphragm vacuum pumps

Diaphragm Pumps MPC for Chemical Applications ATEX Approved Type MPC 601 Tp, Ex

6229.00€ HT


Ex-Designation II 2G c II B T4x Type Examination Certifikate no.IBExU 04 ATEX B018X Pumping speed at 1500 min-1 75 l/min Max. inlet pressure 1 bar Max. outlet pressure (absolute) 1.5 bar Inert gas flushing of the drive 20 l/h Intake- /pressure port Small flange DN 16 KF Operating temperature +10 to +40 °C Max. operating gas temperature +60 °C Baering maintenance-free Sound preesure level < 44 dB(A) Three-phase a.c. motor without motor protection switch, switch and cable Power 0.37 kW Operating mode S1 Type of protection IP 55

Product features

Product type description MPC 601 Tp

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