Need to measure the fluorescent properties of a component with your Spectrometer but you feel like something’s missing? Maybe it’s Knight Optical range of Stock Dichroic Filters, ideal for use within Fluorescence Microscopy and Spectroscopy. For Fluorescence Microscopy and Spectroscopy, dichroic filters are used as beam splitters within the microscope system. They are used as an edge filter at a tilted angle of incidence (typically 45°) to direct the illumination of an excitation frequency towards the sample of interest, and then at an analyser to reject the same excitation frequency but passes a particular emission frequency. Dichroic filters offer superior contrast between transmitted and reflected wavelengths; having negligible absorption. Having a dielectric coating they are perfect for high power applications and they do not show the strong fluorescence of certain glass filters. For more information read the PDF

Optical measuring equipment
  • Dichroic color filters
  • optics for Microscopy & Spectroscopy
  • optical beam splitters

Product features

Material:   Borosilicate or equivalent, Sodalime
Diameter Tolerance: +0.0/-0.20 mm
Length/Width Tolerance: +/- 0.25mm
Thickness Tolerance: +/-0.20mm
Wavelength Range:  300nm-1200nm dependant on type
Wavelength Accuracy:  +/- 5nm
Transmission:   Tmax=95% dependent on type and substrate

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