Die Holder will cut threads with either a tap or a die using a hand held holder that slides on a tail stock mounted arbor. Releasing ones grip allows the tap or die to rotate on the arbor with the spindle. DIE HOLDER (SHANK TYPE) • Ideal for short or medium run threading of shafts. • Can be used safely on Lathe Milling Machine and Tapping heads. • Single piece construction. • Shank Length 2” (50 mm). Body Length 1” (25.4 mm). • Available with and without Round Die. Item Code No.Die Size InchDie Size mmShank Dia. InchShank Dia. mmBody Dia. InchBody Dia. mm ABM-IMT-643013/16”201/2”12.71-1/2”38 ABM-IMT-64311”251/2”12.71-1/2”38 ABM-IMT-64321-1/2”383/4”192”50 Item Code No.Die Size Inch ABM-IMT-64332 Pc Set Consisting 13/16" and 1" ABM-IMT-64343 Pc Set consisting 13/16", 1" and 1-1/2"

Machine tools - metal machining
  • tool holder
  • Lathe tools
  • Die Holder Manufacturer and Exporter India

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