The ERC diesel particulate filter cleaning set is an affordable solution for clogged diesel particulate filters. The Effect It is well known that diesel particulate filter are not getting hot enough to burn ash particles deposits in the short-distance use ( ERC CatClean lowers the soot burn temperatur). But not only soot is influencing DPF function also other deposits , so called oilashes, disturb it and have to be removed from the DPF. Oilashes are even not burned at high temperatures of 500 - 600°C. Nonetheless it is not necessary to change the DPF. With ERC Diesel particulate filter cleaning set it is easy, effectiv and much cheaper to clean the DPF. The Result The ERC diesel particulate filter cleaning set is comprised of the diesel particulate filter cleaning concentrate and the diesel particulate filter flush. Used in succession, they actively break down the accumulated oil ash.

Fuels, diesel

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