Differential pressure flow meter - VMD

Differential pressure flow meter - VMD


The Venturi tube is a primary element for flow measurement in pipelines. The principle of the Venturi tube allows measurements with all media. The Venturi tube described here is specially designed for air volume measurements in ventilation ducts. The Venturi tube must be installed in the system using plug-in sleeves with appropriate lip seals. A version with flange connection is also available. The Venturi tube is a one-piece injection-moulded housing made of PPs. High accuracy of fit and optimal centring is guaranteed by sleeves on both sides or flange connection. The venturi nozzle is manufactured according to DIN EN ISO 5167 with inlet profile according to ISA 1932. The important and favourable flow characteristic for the measurement is achieved by the special deformation process of the thermoplastic material. For further evaluation, indicators (DA2000) with a scale in m³/h or transmitters (DS85 or DS200) for remote transmission of the measuring signal are available.

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Product features

Technology differential pressure,Venturi
Fluid for air
Other characteristics flange

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