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Diffusion bonded heat exchanger - Cutting-edge diffusion bonded heat exchanger for the most challenging processes


K°Bond is our new diffusion bonded heat exchanger and the right choice for applications where highest temperatures and pressures have to be processed on restricted space, like offshore applications and floating units. Explore how your application can benefit from our new Kelvion K°Bond. K°Bond, Kelvion’s diffusion bonded heat exchanger, is ideal for applications involving extreme process temperatures and pressures. Combining design with welding expertise, K°Bond withstands pressures up to 1,000 bar and temperatures from cryogenic —200 to 600 °C. Significant savings in weight and footprint compared to common heat exchanger solutions. K°Bond with its diffusion bonding technology is perhaps one of the most significant and game-changing solutions for projects with restricted space – May it be for offshore plants (e. g. as high pressure vaporizer) and reliquefaction on floating units.