The DIGI BACK CLEANING KIT “PELI EDITION” bestehend aus: 1 Stk. Original PELI Case # 1150 with adapted interior for the items 1x G-2051 Air Power Hi-TECH PRO 400 ml 1x V-2100 Top Ventil with Anti Static Adapter 10x T-1010 Silky Wipe – 10cm x 10cm, individually welded 1x Green Clean Digital Capture Back Cleaning Liquid 15 ml The system offers a two part cleaning process to remove all types of dust, dirt and contamination: Part ONE: Contact-Free removal of dust and loose particles with anti-static effect. Part TWO: Safe removal of dirt and smudges with a specially formulated cleaning fluid and „Silky Wipe“ cloth. All digital capture sensors (CCD & CMOS) have sensitive surfaces which are best left un-touched and contact-free cleaning methods are best! Sensors have a current going through them when in use and that creates a static charge that attracts dust, fluff and abrasions. These are all easily removed by using STEP ONE of the ANTISTATIC SET: The basis for this is the Air Power...


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