DigiVision offers innovative functions such as practical calibration tools, configurable single-channel or multichannel views for displaying both measurement curves and values, and custom zoom functions Features: Convenient sensor/device search and detection Intuitive operation thanks to clear, well-designed layout of the user interface Automatic adoption of sensor and device data Easy sensor and device parameterization via logic inputs Simultaneous recording and display of up to 32 measurements Documentation of measurements and archiving of measurement reports Data export to Excel Creation of device-specific backup files Formula editor for custom formulae Mathematical calculations using virtual measurement channels Display facility for all scientific functions User management for assigning access permissions Remote control via controller communication (RS232, Ethernet) Continuous or single-value measurement Choice of trigger functions

Utilities and anti-virus software
  • Data Acquisition Software
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Product features

Sample rate 200 measurements/s - model 9206-P001
Sample rate 1200 measurements/s - 9206-P100/P200
Measurement channels Up to 32 simultaneous measurements

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