Digital PT100 simulator - 4501 - Pt100 calibration simulator, precision , compact and easy to use

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Wherever temperatures are measured, temperatures must also be simulated. The Pt100-simulator is suitable for a wide area of applications. It has a wide range of simulation, which is resolved in 0.1 °C steps and makes many assignments in chemistry-, measuring-, controlling-, medicine and household applications, food industry, vehicle construction, air- and space travel and power plants easy to solve. Often in the past several simulators had to be used alongside to achieve either resolution or the range of the relevant application. As an extra advantage to the user temperatures can be entered in degrees celsius. Additional extensive conversions and readings in tabulation sheets are no longer necessary. Features: — Simulation range -100 °C up to +500 °C — Resolution 0.1 °C — Calibration in accordance to DIN EN 60751 — Simulation of line resistance 10 Ω, 20 Ω or 30 Ω — Sturdy aluminium-housing

Product information

Pt100 simulation range
-100 °C ... +500 °C
Measurement accuracy
± 0.5 K
Pt200, Pt500, Pt1000 simulation
Ni100, Ni1000 simulation
Supply voltage