ISEmax CAS40D is the right technology for trend measurement directly in the basin. It helps you to increase the efficiency and reduce the energy costs of your aeration processes. The sensor works without reagents saving you even further money. With its robust ion-selective membranes and excellent self-cleaning, it eases your maintenance tasks. Thanks to Memosens, CAS40D combines maximum process and data integrity with best operating comfort and simplifies predictive maintenance.

Measurement and control instruments

Product features

Measuring Principle Potentiometric / ISE
Characteristic Online measurement of nutrient parameters Ion-selective electrode system for the continuous measurem
Size diameter 75mm , (2.95inch); immersion depth 510mm , (20,1 inch)
Design Ion-selective electrode(s) for ammonium and/or nitrate, potassium or chloride; pH - (Reference) elec
Process temperature 2°C ... 40°C; (36 ...100°F)
Ambient temperature -20°C ... 50°C; (-4...120°F)
Process pressure 400 mbar (160 inH2O) max. permitted overpressure
Application waste water
Measurement range Ammonium: 0.1 to 1000 mg/l (NH4-N); • Nitrate: 0,1 to 1000 mg/l (NO3-N); • Potassium: 1 to 1000 mg/l

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