The incremental digital displays are used in combination with our high-precision displacement sensors 8738. The digital technology of these measuring systems satisfies high demands for precision and long service life, as is required more and more nowadays — in measuring laboratories — in production — in testing laboratories — in workshops and many other areas. Typical uses —Automatic assembly machines —Semiconductor industry —Keyboard tests —Robot controllers —Testing of shafts and planes —Measurement of differential displacement ith its phenomenal resolution of 0.1 µm and the high response frequency of 20 MHz, the 9140 is a powerful display unit with a compact design. Features: — Display resolution from -999999 ... 999999 — Resolution to 0.1 µm — Peak value memory for min, max and peak-to-peak — Classifier comparator — Up to 2 measuring channels — RS232 interface — Mathematical functions

Measurement and control instruments
  • digital displays
  • universal indicator
  • measurement of differential displacement

Product features

Type of sensor Incremental position sensor
Interfaces RS232
Indicator ± 999 999
Supply voltage 10.8 ... 26.4 VDC, max. 12 VA
Measurement channels 2

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