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Digital manometer EMA 200 - High-end pressure gauge for differential pressure and flow measurements


The EMA 200 is a portable, battery-powered digital pressure gauge for precise measurement of positive and negative differential pressures. Because it is easy-to-use, the EMA 200 lends itself well to maintenance work and customer service applications for heating, air-conditioning and ventilation units, where it can be used for monitoring filters and measuring fireplace drafts as well as measuring flow rates and determining volumetric flows. The instrument is available with an ISO factory calibration or DAkkS calibration certificate.

Product information

Measurement range
± 200 Pa (± 2 mbar, 1,5 .. 18 m/s) .. ± 200 kPa (± 2000 mbar)
Margin of error
± 0.5 % of max. value (0.3 Pa margin of error for the reference)
Analog output
0 .. 2 V or 0 .. 1 .. 2 V for ± measurement ranges