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Digital oxygen sensor Oxymax COS61D -


Oxymax COS61D is a high-performance, digital oxygen sensor that offers fast, accurate and drift-free measurement. It supports your process with low maintenance, high availability and easy handling. The sensor's long-term stable fluorescence layer is exclusively oxygen-selective (interference-free), ensuring consistently reliable measurement. Thanks to Memosens digital technology, the Oxymax COS61D combines maximum process and data integrity, and facilitates simple lab calibration.

Product information

Measuring Principle
Sensor Oxygen
Aeration tank, river monitoring, water treatment, fish farming.
Digital, optical (luminescence) dissolved oxygen measurement.; No flow needed - measurement possible
Measurement range
0mg/l ... 20mg/l; 0%SAT ... 200%SAT; 0 ... 400hPa
Measuring principle
Oxygen-sensitive molecules (marker) are integrated in an optical active layer (fluorescence layer).
- Calibration data saved in sensor.; High degree of EMC protection.
Sensor body : stainless steel 1.4571Membrane cap : POM
Diameter : 40mm; (1.56inch)Length : 220mm; (8.58inch)
Process temperature
-5°C ... 55°C; ( 23 - 131°F)
Process pressure
max. 10bar; (145psi)