KHM 104 BAHO Smallest unit of measure: +/- 0,5 % Temperature compensation: automatic or by way of external sensor from -50 to + 95° C by way of internal sensor from 0 to 60° C Permissible surrounding temperature: 0 to 60° C Permissible surrounding humidity: 0 to 80% (non-condensing) Electricity supply: 9 V block battery (type: JEC 6F"") included in scope of supplies battery EOL indicator: automatic, “BAT” when battery is empty KHM 104 BAHO (BUILDING MATERIALS / WOOD) as in the PROFESSIONAL carrying case S91 digital moisture measuring unit with automatic temperature compensation (ATC), battery, measuring cable, temperature hand sensor, hollow hammer electrode with steel pins, ready to operate with measuring tables for wood and building materials, 100 mm brush probe, conductive paste and red building material plug.


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