Various heater types available, eciency and robustness characterise directly heated drum dryers by Büttner. They are used for drying wood particles, strands, sugar beet pulp and all free-owing types of wood, biomasses and bulk solids Features Water evaporation capacity of up to 80 t/h depending on the product Direct heating system with multi-fuel burners in combustion chambers Direct heating system using ue gases from energy plants Direct heating system using waste gases from turbines or engines All combinations of these types of heaters are possible. A ash tube may be used for pre-drying and oversize separation of material that is quite moist. Material separation via cyclones or drop boxes Function The material to be dried is admitted through an air-tight rotary air lock into a rotating single-pass drum dryer. The dryer drum can be tted with specic internal ights to suit the material to be dried. This results in an increase in surface area and thus an increase in eciency

Wood veneer - machinery and equipment
  • Heated Drum Dryer
  • Drying Wood Particles
  • Wood Biomasses Dryer
  • Siempelkamp Wood


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