Disc diffuser 12“ EPDM-HT
EPDM-membrane and a membrane fixation  - ENVICON GMBH & CO. KG


Disc diffuser 12” with a special-EPDM-membrane and a membrane fixation Fine bubble disc diffuser 12“ with a heavy duty membrane made of peroxydic-linked EPDM and a connection thread 1”-female. Supporting body and fixation ring are made of chemically and thermally high resistant glass fiber reinforced polyamide PAGV30 what allows a multiple re-use. Also available for all established connection types and piping systems. A ring-type membrane reinforcement and special slit-distribution guarantees low uparching. Precise die cut openings for high oxygen transfer efficiency and low head loss.

Water purification - systems and equipment
  • disc diffuser
  • plate diffuser
  • membrane disc diffuser

Product features

Diffuser type disc diffuser
Diameter 12"
Membrane fixation plastic fixation ring
Crosslinking peroxydic-linked
Bubble size fine-bubble
Country of origin Germany
Head loss very low
Membrane material Special-EPDM
Air temperature up to 130°C
Operation depth up to 10.0 m
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