OKTOMAT® SOS Classic is an emptying station for the automatic emptying of Octabin and BigBags. A pallet jack is enough to move the container under the emptying station. The bulk bags can be completely and trouble-free emptied from above. The OKTOMAT® uses a vibrating suction head and the automatic bag tightening mechanism pulls the foil inlet or BigBag upwards. The material flows towards the middle and is continuously sucked. The SOS series with its full equipment is ideally suited for the majority of applications and difficult tasks. The integrated oscillating systems for foil / BigBag tightener and suction head enable the emptying of free-flowing to heavily bridge-forming materials. Due to its portal form it is particularly space-saving in depth and the increased tension force allows even high-density materials to be emptied without a problem. OKTOMAT® emptying stations are easy to use, low maintenance, robust and durable.

Plastics - machines and material for industry
  • big bag emptying
  • unloading system
  • big bag discharge

Product features

Type Portal version
Height 2620 - 3670 mm
Width / Depth 1520 mm / 1160 mm
Weight / packaging 220 / 320 kg
Tension force 2400 N
Connection min. 6 bar. DN 13 mm
Power supply ~230V/~110V AC, 50/60 Hz
ATEX zone 2 /22 optional
Configuration Full equipment
Suitable application free flow- bridge forming
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