Vertical tillage KUHN Krause revolutionized the vertical tillage segment with the EXCELERATOR. This product delivers high-speed residue cutting and soil mixing that incorporates many tillage techniques in a single pass. With the exclusive Excalibur blades and Star Wheel treaders, this vertical tillage system does an excellent job of downsizing clods, leveling soil, and anchoring residue, while the 24/7 Soil Conditioning Reel finishes the seedbed preparation.

Product features

Working width (m) 4,3
Working width (feet) 14'
Number of wheels 4
Number of star wheels 22
Number of bearing arms -
Number of blades 45
Blade size (cm) 55.88
Blade size (in) 22"
Transport width (m) 4.6
Transport width (feet) 15'2"
Number of sections 1
Frame type Rigid
Maximum working depth (cm) 8.9
Working depth (max.) (inches) 3.5"

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