Dispenser 3RD10-EC / Progressive cavity pump

Dosing of liquids / 1.1 ml/U


ViscoTec Dispenser 3RD10-EC ensures an even and reliable product supply of viscous, structure-sensitive and solids-laden products - with a repeatability of +/- 1 %! Absolutely precise, uniform and reliable dosing of various media, such as adhesive dosing or sealant dosing, thanks to the special rotor-stator geometry. Alternating opening chambers ensure gentle product transport and pulsation-free output. Your advantages: - interior non-stick coated - no dripping or thread pulling due to programmable retraction - direct linearity between spread rate and speed - constant dosing volume even with fluctuations in density, viscosity and temperature - reliable dosing without heating the medium - long service life due to media-specific component selection - simple cleaning procedure and condition check of the pump interior - quick disassembly

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