Flowview 2S-II is a display unit for the flow rates of a maximum of two Flowmax drink meters and their voltage supply. The Flowview 2S-II is supplied with power via an already connected Schuko plug and a customer-side 230 V/AC socket The Flowview 2S-II contains the power supply for 1 or 2 Flowmax 30S via circular connector. The counting stops of the dispensing volumes are displayed via a two-line display. A key switch allows you to switch from the operating mode to the cleaning mode. The two counters can be reset to zero each other via the keyboard. Display in liters with 5 digits in front of the point and 1 after

Product features

Material ABS
Colour Light grey, similär to RAL 7035
Cover seal Silicone
Connections 1 main plug for 230 VAC power supply, cable length 1,5 m, 2 M12 round connectors, 5-pins
Protection class IP65
Dimensions incl. connections H/W/T [mm] 100/80/57
Weight 250 g
Display 2 x 16-characters, LCD, illuminated
Film keyboard 4 keys with pressure point
Key switch to switch between cleaning and reset mode
Auxiliary power 230VDC, 5W
Miniature fuse 2A, time delay
Ambient temperature -20…+60°C
Connections 2 x Flowmax

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