Sampling tube manufactured in a clean room specially designed for disposable use. Due to the blue colour, it is also perfect for use in the food, animal feed and pharmaceutical industries. The scaled sample container can be used for an exact measurement. After sampling, the container can be closed and is leakproof. The closed handle structure ensures secure handling. The sample container is available with 50 ml, 100 ml or 250 ml content. Depending on the design, container openings can be sampled from a diameter of 52 mm (2" barrel opening), 65 mm or 85 mm. This makes DispoDipper ideal for extracting samples from barrels, canisters and other containers. DispoDipper is completely manufactured in one piece and can be used for sampling and subsequent transport of the sample in one device. In this way, cross-contamination or sample impurities are impossible.

  • quality control
  • sampling systems
  • Manufacturing

Product features

Material PP

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