Disposable folding splints (plastic)


Splints are specially shaped plates made of plastic (disposable) with longitudinal and transverse perforations for easy modeling of any size of the splint according o the extremity. Fastening of splints is made using the bandages or a textile fastener of the Velcro type (option). The cervical collar is a two-component structure that is adjustable against both neck volume and neck height. Fixing of collars is carried out by means of a textile fastener. Disposable splints (plastic) are ideal for use in places where conventional cardboard tires are not suitable for climatic conditions (rain, snow, etc.) Advantages: - Lightweight and compact! All splints and collars are foldable, unobstructive, and fit into any medical set. - Multipurpose and easy to use! They can be transformed to any size – it is enough to bend the ends of the splints along the contour until the desired length is obtained. Easily and tightly modeled on the shape of the extremity.

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Product features

Overall dimensions when folded, mm (LxWxH) (350x150x70) ± 30
Weight, not more than, g 850
Medplant splint for adults for the lower extremity 1 pce
Medplant splint for adults for the upper extremity 1 pce
Medplant cervical collar for adults 1 pce
Medical sterile bandage 5m x 10cm 2 pcs.

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