Quality Certification: CE,ISO,FDA Safety standard: EN 13795-1:2019 ,EN 14126-2003 Instrument classification: Class II Material: PP PE,non woven,SMS, PP PE,non woven,SMS Color: Blue Certificate:CE,ISO Application: Hospital ,Personal Care Usage: Single-use Feature: Waterproof Packing: Individual Pack Medical Protective Clothing ,Safety standard: EN 13795-1:2019 ,EN 14126-2003 Method of Use 1. Lift the collar with the right hand and stretch the left hand into the sleeve. Pull the collar upward with the right hand and show the left hand. 2. Change to hold the collar with the left hand and stretch the right hand into the sleeve. Show the right hand. Lift both hands to shake the sleeve. Be careful not to touch the face. 3. Hold the collar with both hands and fasten the neckband from the center of the collar along the edges. 4. Pull one side of the gown (about 5cm below the waist) forward gradually, and pinch it when seeing the edge.

Disposable medical and surgical articles
  • isolation gown
  • surgical gown medical suit
  • surgical apron medical apron

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