(1)Parameters: -Size of PP tube: 6.4mm(Diameter)*4.7mm*500mm(length) -Foam tip length: 33mm -Handle size:37*11mm -Thickness :1mm -Material of tube : PP -Material of foam tip: EVA -Handle material:PVC -Used for : Multiparous sow (big head foam tip) -Colour : blue and yellow (2)Catheter standard: -Blue colour catheter is Euro-USA quality standard,Best quality. -Yellow colour catheter is Asia quality standard,better qulaity (3)Package:1 piece/single package,500 pcs/1 carton

Veterinary instruments
  • pig/sow Semen urinary Cathete for pig artifical insemination
  • Disposable foam tip pig/sow Semen urinary Catheter with tail
  • EVA foam pig artificial insemination catheter with cap

Product features

Type small head foam tip
Used for Primiparous sow
Size of PP tube 6.4mm(Diameter)*4.7mm*500mm(length)
Foam tip length 33mm
Handle size 37*11mm
Thickness 1mm
Material of tube PP
Material of foam tip EVA
Handle Material PVC
Colour blue and yellow
Qaulity standard-Blue colour catheter is Euro-USA standard quality,Best quality
Qaulity standard-Yellowcolour catheter is Asia standard quality,better qulaity

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