Disposable tweezers

Laboratory tweezer, sampling device


The light plastic forceps for single use allow for fatigue-free work. The clean room-manufactured lab assistants meet the highest standards and prevent cross-contamination or impurities in the sample being examined. The lab tweezers are suitable for chemical, pharmaceutical or cosmetic applications as well as the food industry and scientific uses. Pointed/angled shape The disposable forceps have fine, smooth, curved gripping tips. Different materials can be held and processed reliably with the pointed ends. Pointed shape The anatomical forceps have a straight tip, fluted on the inside. This makes it possible to grip sensitive materials reliably. Broad tip shape The disposable forceps have ends with a broad tip. The broad tip is smooth and blunt. It prevents the material from being damaged when it is gripped.

Laboratory equipment and instruments
  • lab utensil
  • lab Instrument
  • laboratory tool

Product features

Material PS
Colour White, blue or blue detectable
Overall length 130 mm

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