Disposal of oil emulsions by ultrafiltration Increasing disposal costs and laws about oil disposal make a treatment of oily emulsions right necessary right where they come up. The main target of this treatment is the reduction of waste volume as much as possible. Ultrafiltration is one possibility to separate even stabile emulsions. Like chemical methods and flotation, ultrafiltration can not be used as stand-alone solution. Only by an effective pre-treatment and a pre-treatment of the oily concentrate, an optimized and economical emulsion disposal can be guaranteed. By the pre-treatment, coarse particles and free oil is separated; the pre-separation dewaters and concenctrates the flow, which comes as concentrate from the ultrafiltration. So, a maximum of dewatering and concentration of the oil can be reached. The emulsion is pumped through the membrane modules of the plant. On the membrane surface, oil is separated from the waste water. Waste water will pass the membrane and is colle


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