The drive is perfectly backlash-free. The housing is made of aluminium. An automatic clamping system for collets without axial movement is available. Field of applications: Rotation axis for angle positioning of work piece carriers in: Processing centers, CNC - grinding machines, Tool machines, Laser processing machines, etc. Direct drive: Electronically commutated 3-phase-synchronous motor with permanent magnetically excited rotor. The motor develops a high torque up to revolutions zero. The intended liquid cooling prevents a warming up of the machine by the dissipated heat of the direct drive. Bearing: Linked up angular contact ball bearings guarantee a high rigidity and maximum load. A high concentricity is reached by special manufacturing processes. Measurement system: TA3A 100: Measurement system incremental with magnetical or optical sensor and analogous output signal 1 VPP. With integrated reference mark. TA3G 180: Measurement system incremental with magnetic sensor and ana

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