Docking system



The innovative Applica docking system provides the user with all the functions of a communications hub at the workstation. The main structural element for the desk holds power and data cables, e.g. from floor boxes and feed pipes from the ceiling, and distributes them over up to nine individual external sockets for mobile devices. The Applica can also perform important functions of space and surface infrastructure. The docking system offers effective solutions for the optimal lighting of workstations, as well as the zoning of working areas. The clear design features of both design versions – with round or angled frames – satisfy the demands placed on modern work environments to intelligently integrate all options offered by communications technology into an atmosphere of well-being in the office. Integrated docking system at the desk. Optimal connections for data networking and power supply. Sophisticated cable management. Well-arranged and concealed cabling. Individual connection options. Third-level workstation organisation. Monitor and tablet bracket, integrated lighting and shelf surfaces available as optional extras. Zoning. Visual and (optionally) acoustic screening of workstation configuration. Design. Various shapes and colours.

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