Domek na drzewie 11

Domek na drzewie


The Treehouses collection is a series of fairy-tale devices whose form and details help to stimulate children’s fantasy and motor skills. A treehouse is often a dream place for a child to play. Climbing trees and hiding in wooden shacks hidden in the tree’s crown has been the favourite game of many generations. Animals hidden in nooks and hollows will intrigue children and awaken their imagination and love, and respect for nature. Rope tunnels, platforms and other fitness elements will satisfy the child’s movement needs. Neutral colour scheme of devices calms the emotions. The collection fits well into the recreational space of both cities and villages.

Playground equipment
  • treehouse
  • slide
  • brigde

Product features

Max. wysokość upadku 1,5 m
Wymiary (dł x szer x wys) 9,24 x 6,38 x 4,3 m
Powierzchnia zderzenia 11,7 x 9,90m
Pole powierzchni zderzenia 69,8 m 2

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