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Dominant Flex Surgical Suction Pump

Powerful and reliable suction with adaptable flow rates


The Dominant Flex serves nearly every suctioning need in the hospital, clinic or doctor’s practice. It fulfills the requirements for cardiac surgery thanks to Cardiac Floating rating. The pump offers a strong alternative to wall vacuum, as the independent vacuum avoids overflow into wall systems and provides a smooth, consistent, and reliable vacuum level. The Dominant Flex offers flexibility, allowing the user to select a high, mid or low flow rate and thereby adjust the vacuum build-up time and sound level. • High-power flow rate of up to 60l / min while operating whisper-quiet at <40dB(A)* • Increased performance and faster suctioning by simply touching the 60l/min flow change button, activating the turbo mode for rapid vacuum build-up. • Superfast ramp-up: Our innovative Membrane Vacuum Regulator quickly builds suction strength, from 0 to -60 kPa in 4.6 seconds. Dominant Flex Surgical Suction Pump - Powerful & Reliable Suction *Data on file at Medela AG

Medical Equipment
  • medical suction pump
  • surgical suction
  • endoscopy

Product features

High vacuum - 95 kPa / - 713 mmHg (Tolerance: +/– 15 %)
High flow 40, 50 or 60 l/min (+/- 5 l/min)
Weight 9.3 kg (rack version)
H x W x D (rack version) 210 x 305 x 375 mm / 8.2 x 12.0 x 14.8 inches

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Medela Dominant Flex Surgical Suction Pump: an introduction

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