Dosing of abrasive fluids into tubular bags

Reliable and gentle dosing of ClimSel


Reliable and gentle dosing of ClimSel - an inorganic salt-crystal-containing phase change material (PCM) - into tubular bags: PCM are materials that are used for heat and cold storage and are developed by the Swedish company Climator and filled into tubular bags of various sizes. PCMs are suitable for targeted cooling and heating. When cooling with ice packs, for example, there is often the risk of insufficiently long cooling. By using PCM as a coolant, this point can be addressed and counteracted. The melting point is selected so that the required cooling is maintained not only temporarily but completely throughout the entire supply chain right up to the end user. In addition to logistical applications, Climator's PCM ClimSel is used for energy storage in buildings, temperature control in garments and temperature stabilization of electronic components.

Dosing pumps
  • filling
  • Abrasives, chemical
  • tubular bag filling

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