Double Layer Bamboo Pendant Light



Light like a feather and very cozy bamboo pendant lights will be a nice accent in your interior design. These lovely handwoven lamps are double layered and have a shape of cocoon. They will make the lights in your house warmer and will create a cozy atmosphere. These pendants are available in 2 sizes: the medium size pendant has lighter colour and the small one is darker with a green shade. You could use these lamps to create a light accents at the bed sides, above the dining and side tables, kitchen islands or above the cabinet. Bamboo, which is used to produce our pendants light , is an exceptionally renewable material thanks to the speed it grows. It has been used to produce different home and décor products by Vietnamese craftsmen for hundreds of years. Local artisans have a long history in transforming bamboo into beautiful items of different shapes and have passed their technics from generation to generation.

Light fixtures, decorative
  • Bamboo Pendant Light
  • Pendant Light
  • lamps

Product features

Medium D20xH36 cm
Small D20xH26 cm

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