Werkstoffe TPV (NBR-PP), TPV (NBR-PP), NBR Suitable for neutral, aggressive and easily flammable liquids Application examples: Drum and container transfer, decanting corrosive solutions and chemicals. Features: Absolutely oil-free valve technology Absolutely safe to run dry Self-priming, even dry Just a few components, easily accessible Flow rate up to 182 l/min Explosion-proof version approved according to ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU, Category 2 Benefits: No failure of the pump due to lack of lubrication No contamination of the environment or of the product itself by oil vapour Gentle pumping of thick-bodied, contaminated and abrasive liquids Flow rate and flow pressure can be infinitely varied No wear prone, dynamic seals Easy maintenance without special tools Explosion Protection: explosion-proof Housing Material: Alu (Aluminum) Size: 1"

Product features

Werkstoffe DMP 1" SSB SS/TPV (NBR-PP) (explosionsgeschützt)
Gehäuse Edelstahl
Membrane TPV (NBR-PP)
Ventilkugel TPV (NBR-PP)
Dichtung NBR
Fördermediums- temperatur max. 93 °C
Lufteinlass 1/4" NPT IG (1/2" BSP IG)*
Luftauslass 3/4" NPT IG
Saugstutzen 1" BSP IG
Druckstutzen 1" BSP IG
Gewicht 17 kg
Fördermenge max. 182 l/min.
Saughöhe trocken max. 5,2 m
Betriebsdruck max. 8,2 bar
Feststoffe bis max. Ø 6,4 mm

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