Double pole NO contactors C295

Compact double pole NO contactors for voltages up to 1,500 V and 120 A max


With its compact size and efficient arc chute our C295 Series contactor allows the handling of voltages up to 1,500 V and currents of 120 A max. Switching high amperage even at significant inductance can be achieved by series connection of the main contacts. Typical applications are to be found in traffic engineering equipment and conversion engineering of complex power supplies. Features: - Compact, rugged design - Double-break contacts - DC versions with magnetic blowout - Higher switching capacity resulting from main contacts connected in series - Parallel connection results in longer electrical life

  • Double pole NO contactors
  • Switching high amperage
  • compact size

Product features

Type of voltage DC, AC
Contact configuration 2 x NO
Nominal voltage 200/750/1.200 V
Rated insulation voltage Ui 1,000/1,600 V
Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp 8/10 kV
Conv. thermal current Ith 120 A

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