Acrylic adhesive base tape for attaching protection strips on to vehicles. Acryl as adhesive basis gives strong initial contact which offers superior adhesion given any temperature. Good degreasing of the panel before application already means half of the good result The advantage of this unique acrylic tape is that the initial strength after 2 minutes is 80% of the total, where traditional double sided foam tape requires 12 to 24 hours to reach the same strength. Reference Description Box pal DZB 04 double sided tape - 4mm x 10m 10 X DZB 06 double sided tape - 6mm x 10m 10 x DZB 09 double sided tape - 9mm x 10m 10 x DZB 12 double sided tape - 12mm x 10m 10 x DZB 15 double sided tape - 15mm x 10mDouble sided tape - 15mm x 10m 10 x DZB 19 double sided tape - 19mm x 10m 10 x DZB 25 double sided tape - 25mm x 10m 10 x


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